Sharow Photographic Competition
Sharow Photographic Competition LogoThe International Sharow Photographic Competition in aid of charity

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Entry by Nicola David, Sharow (2007)
Nicola David, Sharow

Entry by Alan Graham McQuillan, Montana, USA (2008)
Alan Graham McQuillan, Montana, USA

Entry by Habeeb Ali (2011)
Habeeb Ali

Entry by Terry Wall, Coalway (2007)
Terry Wall, Coalway

Entry by Wayne Hugill, Sharow (2006)
Wayne Hugill, Sharow

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We are sad to announce that we are closing the Sharow Photographic Competition after 6 years successful results.  

We built up a well run and respected competition. We must be satisfied that in this time span we have raised approaching £14,000 for worthy charitable courses. But there is a realization that raising money to finance the considerable annual prize money was getting harder and harder in these difficult economic times. Our website needs updating too which would have been a very time consuming exercise.

Our 2012 appeal for sponsorship resulted in many offers of assistance in kind, for which we are very grateful. However we also appealed for financial sponsorship, requiring approximately £3,000 to secure the Competition's future. This appeal sadly has not resulted in sufficient response for us to continue.

It now therefore only remains for me personally to thank you all very much indeed for all your generous time and hard work in helping to run the Sharow Photographic Competition  - it has been a great success.

Chairman, Sharow Photographic Competition